Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning From Our Neighbors

Our economic situation seems to be all we are hearing about in the media today. It can tend to be a little over whelming. In speaking with a colleague of mine, Victoria Bosa, the other day about the situation in her country, Ukraine, she told me that:

“The current financial and political situation in Ukraine is still in decline.
More than 35% of real estate companies went bankrupt, almost no transactions on
real estate market, though some experts say the market is getting better
comparing with Autumn and Winter. It's difficult to predict what will happen in
2009 though... The only good... Read More thing is that it is good time to
buy, but there is no mortgage and people can't get their deposits back from the
banks, so no cash to buy. My opinion the real estate market will be, so to say,
"dead" until the banks start working in their normal standard way.”

People are resilient and will work through this. There are some who will come out of this in much a much better position. We as human beings have the ability to look within ourselves and make the changes needed. We will survive and persevere and some will thieve. In my studies of the Ukrainian people, I have found they have been through many atrocities and yet they always come back, stronger. Their national pride and quest for wisdom is something I admire.

We have a lot to learn from our neighbors and a lot to share with each other. During these troubling times it is good to know that we can thrive with the help and networking of good people around us. There are incredible opportunities to be found.