Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why Be Lonely for the Holidays?

Typically, the holiday season is a time for reflecting on what was accomplished over the past year and to take a look ahead to what our goals and resolutions will be for the New Year. We have a fresh slate from which to paint the perfect picture of what we want the new year to bring. Having a healthy, loving and passionate relationship is a goal for many of us. If it is important for you to find your soul mate, then you must make it a priority and come up with a strategic plan to have your dreams come true.

For men, the once taboo idea of going to a matchmaker to find your perfect partner has now become not only acceptable but is also seen as having many advantages. A recent New York Times article stated that there is an increase in busy professionals between the ages of 30 and 60 who don't have the time, inclination or drive to be in the “dating scene” to find the right significant other. These people are now turning to experts who can make the process easier and more successful for them. Matchmaking services used to see a 30/70 split between men and women. We are now witnessing a shift to a 50/50 split across America.

Challenges of internet dating:
  • Very time consuming
  • Much sorting by the client needed
  • Potential for people to lie about their age, background, careers
  • No Privacy—others can see that you are dating and watch your status

Joys of private matchmaking:

  • Matchmakers are your personal headhunters for the heart.
  • Sorting, by pre-screening and pre-qualifying your target market for potential candidates to make sure they are in alignment with your personal values and life goals.
  • Lasting Joy Matchmakers work with you to recognize what patterns have benefited you and which have not in your past relationships, next they work with you to aid you in being able to be your most authentic self.
  • It's more dignified and safe. None of the awkward indignity of blind dating or barhopping.
  • With a matchmaker, you are guaranteed to meet people who you want to meet and who want to meet you one-on-one.
  • Matchmakers extol your virtues and achievements to potential matches.

A Certified Matchmaker since 2005, Joy Nordenstrom, CMM, MBA, has just launched a new matchmaking division of her company called Lasting Joy Matchmaking. The Lasting Joy Matchmakers distinguish themselves from other agencies by working with their clients to define their relationship and life goals, thus helping the client be the best that they can be.

To do this, her match makers combine:

  • Dating and relationship coaching
  • Etiquette and style consulting
  • Outlining of deal breakers to gain a clear understanding of what matters most to them in a life partner
  • A customized strategic plan to aid them in finding this lasting love.

Once clients feel that they have found their perfect match, the Joy of Romance will work with them as a couple to keep their relationship thriving by teaching them how to cultivate a passionate, love-filled relationship to last a lifetime.

If you have been thinking about taking the next step or are already looking, Lasting Joy Matchmaking can help you streamline and enjoy the process fully. For more information please contact Joy Nordenstrom at 415.602.1999 or www.joyofromance.com

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