Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Internet, What's All The Buzz...

Here are my thoughts on how to easily and at no/little cost make the internet work for you.

1. Facebook- go to and set up a facebook account. Once you are in and registered then let me know and I will send you a link to mine. You can see how I have mine set up and do the same. Facebook is a wonderful social networking tool. You can create a perception of what you want fairly easily. You can also connect with potential new clients. Be careful on facebook of the weirdoes. Don’t be afraid to remove anyone as a friend if they are inappropriate or just don’t fit the profile of the consumer/friend that you want to target.
2. LinkedIn- go to and set up an account similar to your facebook one but this is more of a professional business site. I would suggest to use this one to connect with everyone else who is involved with your industry, like other sales people, suppliers, management and professional colleagues. Keep your clients on facebook and you sales partners on linkedin. This way no one can go and try to steal your clients. Once you become established on facebook, people will try all sorts of devious ways to access your friends list, ie. your client base.
3. Blog- Create a blog on Set up a account so you can create a blog for free. (Or several) You can set this up easily and post your thoughts, testimonies, etc. It is important to set up your information because it shows up on the side column of the blog. It is pretty easy to do and you can always contact me for help. Once you have your blog looking how you want it then ask everyone you know to look at it and give their helpful thoughts.
4. E-mail- You should create additional e-mail accounts to keep your correspondence separated between family, friends, business, clients, etc. We have over eight e-mail addresses.
5. Learn and utilize Microsoft Outlook as you client and contact database management software. Put all of your clients and contacts into this and categorize them appropriately. Sync this with your PDA. I strongly suggest to take a class or get some training on this. My Dell computers that came with Microsoft Office have good tutorials built in to them.
6. Time blocking- You should set up your week and time block all of the activities that you know you need to do to be successful. All of this internet stuff is great but unless you manage your time and take care of the 20% that makes you 80% of your income, you’ll go crazy.

The above are all free and will take a little time. The learning curve is pretty fast and you can always ask for help. I find it to be very time effective and it allows me to greatly increase my effectiveness with more clients. When you are ready to take it to another level then we can talk about websites. There are three types; one for name presence and recognition, one that when done properly will generate sales without you and the third (which I do not recommend) is for personal ego. Ego sites can be very costly and usually turn off the client looking for quick information.

Web addresses can be bought at for as little as 10 dollars and can be hosted at for $100-150 per year. The building of them can be expensive that is why I bought DreamWeaver software so that my Intern Assistants can build them here in my office. It is pretty easy to build a simple site like one of mine. We did them all here. Otherwise I would suggest contacting Alex Paine at WebSiteDesign. Not only does he have some template sites at reasonable prices but the company has excellent integrity and great advice. I have all of my websites hosted with Alex.

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